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Boat Excursion Hvar - Vis - Blue Cave

• Day trip to Blue cave, Green cave, island Vis and Bisevo

Recommended time: 8-10 hrs

Excursion highlights:
- Green cave
- Blue cave
- Island Vis
- Island Bisevo
- Beaches Stoncica, Stiniva.
- Army shelters, cannons...


Vis military tour

We start our journey from the center of Vis town with a drive towards Parja cove (Jastog mine) and next the journey takes us towards Red Cliffs (Tanjug) and then Stupisce rocket mine. Next after a short ride and few minutes hike we visit Tito’s cave and then continue to highest peak on Vis called Hum. Vela Glava is the next place on our tour, it is a former atomic headquarters and a hospital. The road takes us back to Vis, we stop in Golub tavern to have a break with some homemade wine, sweet bread and domestic brandy, Golub tavern is located near a cross, monument built for killed RAF soldiers. Our tour takes us to Czech Villa located in Kut and then we end our journey in Lipanovic cellar where you will taste top-quality wines and brandies.

Cave exploring on Vis

Something that will leave everyone breathless is certainly Blue cave which is located on the east side of island Bisevo, near the island Vis. We start our journey from Vis port, we use RIB’s to go to Stončica beach for some swimming and sunbathing, next we visit the Green cave and Stiniva beach, after a short swim at Stiniva beach we continue to Biševo island where we visit Blue cave and Medvedina cove, we take our lunch break in Porat, with the possible tour of the island, on the return our journey will take us by Barjaci point (canons, military mines) and 70 meter cliff called Queen’s cave, we make jet another stop at Parja cove (Jastog military mine).

Vis discovery

We start our journey from center of Vis town, our tour takes us near ancient roman excavations, Provo peninsula where there are church and an amphitheater we arrive at the remains of Fortica fortress where you take a short tour and sea an amazing bay view. After the tour of the fortress, we return to Vis to visit the Tower, Batarija fortress and the Church of Our Lady Spilice, next thing on our tour is Czech villa and the Church of St. Ciprian. Now we go inland and tour the interior of the island where there is RAF monument constructed above Plisko field, we will make a brief stop here at the Roki’s tavern and enjoy some homemade specialties and ecological wine, then we go to take a look at the cricket field and a World War II airfield, Tito’s cave and the highest point on the island (Hum) are next on the tour, after Hum we go to Komiža, we visit the fishermen’s museum and stroll down the waterfront, the tour end with the Church of Our Lady of the Pirates.

Vis Tour

We start our journey from Vis, on the way we do a brief sightseeing tour, we stop at the belvedere to admire the view of the entire Vis bay, and a short stop at the monument for killed British soldiers in WWII, there is an amazing view on Plisko field with WWII airport, then we take a short tour of the airport, our journey takes us to atomic headquarters (Vela Glava), Tito’s cave and the top of Vis (Hum peak), on the end we return to Vis and tour the Lipanovic cellar with wine and brandy tasting.



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