About Us

Atlantis Marine company was built on foundations of experiences in tourism and nautical tourism and also in monitoring needs of modern tourist. We understand that modern tourists have bigger needs for movement during holidays. They also need individual arrangements where they create own quality vacation time. This is where we come in handy :). Atlantis Marine will organize private boat excursion or private boat transfer for you to many beautiful destinations. You can get from Split to Hvar in an hour. Or you can visit Blue cave and island Vis in one day excursion. Our skippers know most beautiful locations and have experience to make your day unforgettable.


Every person has individual needs and wishes. We are here for you to welcome you to our beautiful country and some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

Our company started as small business but grew to larger over the years. It has large fleet which offers many types of boats so that all our guests are satisfied. Not only our boats are new, but also we make sure that we follow needs of our guests. Safety is number one.

We are happy to present our large offer and experienced crew, skippers, hostesses and agents.

Each year we research areas that we visit and make sure that we have quality offer and recommendations for our guests. Boat rental and private boat excursions with skipper are ideal option for people who wish to visit famous destination. Not woorying about anchoring, traffic, fuel and other.